7 Absolute Best Dual Monitor Stands (2018 Edition)

by Alton Johnson
top Dual-monitor stands

Looking to get started with a dual monitor setup?

Whether you're looking to increase productivity or collaborative communication with your team, there are numerous advantages of upgrading to a dual monitor setup.

The only real downside?

Your desk might be too small to accommodate two monitors and other office supplies.

Or, if you're tall and your desk is short, it can lead to a abysmal sitting posture. 

The solution?

A stand for your dual monitors.

Investing in a stand tidies up space on your desk so you can keep the monitors and other office essentials simultaneously. Speaking of office ergonomics, a stand lets you adjust your screen at a perfect 15 degrees viewing angle below the horizontal eye-line to prevent eye-strain.

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1. Best of the Best


1 AmazonBasics Premium dual monitor stand

AmazonBasics Premium

Vertical and horizontal monitor support

Best in-class cable management feature

2. Best Budget


2 Vivo Dual



Minimal design 

Made with aluminium and high-grade steel.

3. Best Budget ​


4 North bayou monitor stand for multiple monitors

North Bayou Dual

Perfect balance of features and cost

Solid cable management feature.

4. Best Wall-mounted

3 Wali Universal top dual monitor stands

WALI Universal

Minimal yet long-lasting design

10-years warranty

5. Best Free-standing

5 MonMount Dual

MonMount Dual

Feature packed for low-price

Elegant design

6. Best Ultrawide

 (34-inch & 38-inch)

6 Vivo Dual Ultrawide

Vivo Dual Ultrawide

Long-lasting 10-year warranty

Sturdy build quality

7. The Sturdiest Build Quality


7 LockTek


Aircraft-grade aluminium

Automatic-height adjustment

1. AmazonBasics Premium Best of the Best (27-inch)

1 AmazonBasics Premium dual monitor stand

This monitor stand from AmazonBasics is the best premium choice for dual monitor stand.

Undoubtedly, AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor takes the cake for its flexibility and support for wide as well as ultra-wide monitors. This model is ideally designed to support 27-inch monitors with a total ideal weight of 40lbs. However, in reality, you can mount 34-inch monitors, too. The maximum holding capacity for each arm is 25lbs.

The monitors on this stand can be tilted back up to 70-degrees and forward up to 5-degrees. These natural movements are powered by Gas Springs which make it very easy to change the adjustment of the monitors mounted on the stand. You can also change the orientation of the monitors to vertical and horizontal depending on what you use and what works best for you.

This monitor stand is very easy to install and comes with a table clamp and a grommet mount that you can use to install it on your table. It also comes with cable management shrouds that you can use to hide your monitor cables. The cable management solution in this stand is great, and as mentioned, the stand can hide the wires inside its arms making your desk look less cluttered.

As praiseworthy as AmazonBasics Premium Stand is, it doesn’t fall in the sweet spot when it comes to pricing. Priced more than ten times the value of VIVO Dual Mount, it might not be a good option for someone who’s looking for an option that’s easy on the wallet.  

Also, it has a very short limited warranty unlike the likes of WALIW all Mount Stands. If cost and limited protection isn’t your problem, AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand is the absolute best monitor stand that you can buy right now. 

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • It’s easy to install and set-up
  • Adjustable metal arms
  • Supports screen size from 27 to 34 inches
  • Solid cable management features
  • 1-year warranty


  • Can’t mount upside down because gravity holds arm to the base
  • Joints might loosen up with use

2. VIVO Dual Mount  Best Budget (27-inch)​

2 Vivo Dual

The VIVO Dual Mount is the best choice for someone who wants a budget pick without compromising on features.  

It is made of aluminum and high-grade steel, and it can hold a total weight of 66 lbs on the go. It can hold two screens of up to 29.9 inches each.

The 360-degree tilt, 30-degree tilt, and 360-degree swivel give you the flexibility you need to work with multiple monitors without compromising your comfort.

You can use the clamp that comes with the stand and additionally there’s a grommet mount that you can use to mount it with a hole on your desk. The desk should be at most 4-inch thick for the clamp to work.

It comes with a cable management feature, but since the cables don’t go inside the arm and are held by cable management clips, they might spoil the look of the stand since the user will be able to see the wire clutter.

One downside of this monitor is the height adjustment feature. You need to do adjustments manually using an Alan Key to set the correct height for your monitors.

Although its price is on the lower end, it’s sturdier than many low-grade, costly stands on the market. Once mount VIVO on your desk, you’ll never have to worry about the 27-inch monitors tumbling over because they fit securely and the stand stays well in the position.

With up to 50% assembly already done for you, VIVO Mount should take you less than half an hour to set up. You’ll find this useful if you have a small desk because it will give you so much room to move around whenever you like.

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • Excellent build quality with solid steel frame
  • Adjustable arms with tilt and swivel
  • Supports both LCD and LED monitor up to 29.9-inches
  • 1-year warranty
  • Minimal design


  • Manual height adjustment using Alan key
  • Cable management features are mediocre
  • The paint might scratch off

3. WALI Universal ​  Best Wall Mounted Stand (27-inches)

3 Wali Universal top dual monitor stands

The Wali dual monitor stand is the best choice when it comes to affordable monitor stand that can handle weights on the higher side. The arms on this stand can support two monitors of up to 27-inches, and they can hold a weight of up to 22 lbs each. It comes with a similar minimal design that the Vivo mount has to offer. Each arm is gas-spring powered with VESA mount for quick installation and easy screen swapping.

The monitor stand is built out of metal, and it adds features like rotation, tilt, and swivel when you mount your monitors. Both arms can rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 180 degrees to give you the flexibility you need to do your work.

Coming to cable management, the stand holds all the cables for the mounted monitors with cable management clips and the wires are visible to the user. This cable management solution could have been better by allowing the cables to be routed from inside the arm of the stand.

It comes with a clamp as well as a grommet mount which means you can mount it on a table’s side or you can choose to use the grommet and use it to mount it using a circular hole in your table.

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • Minimal design with an excellent build quality
  • 10-year warranty
  • Stable and sturdy after mounting
  • Comes partly assembled
  • Installation hardware included in the package


  • Average cable management
  • Manual height adjustment

4. NB North Bayou ​ Best Budget (32-inch)

4 North bayou monitor stand for multiple monitors

The North Bayou F160 is an excellent choice and can be considered as the best value for money.

 This dual monitor stand comes with features like 360-degree rotation, tilt angle that can tilt forwards up to 35-degrees and backward up to 50-degrees. It also has a swivel functionality that can swivel 180-degrees or more.

This monitor stand can easily fit monitors of size up to 32-inches with weight support of up to 14.3 lbs on each of its arms. It comes with VESA mount support with 75x75mm or 100x100mm backside mounting holes that you can use to mount your monitor.

You have two options when it comes to installation. You can C-Clamp the stand on your work desk, or you can grommet mount it. For a good fit, the manufacturer recommends that the diameter of the hole on your desk somewhere between 10mm and 50mm. For the grommet mount, your table should have a hole with a diameter of 10mm-50mm. To use the clamp, you must make sure that the thickness of your table surface should be between 0.8-3.7-inches.

The mount also comes with cable management goodness and just like the AmazonBasics Premium stand; letting you hide the cables in the monitor stand’s arm.

Unfortunately, NB North Bayou does compromise on material by using plastic in place of steel for the most parts. So, it’s highly unlikely that this might last longer for more than a few years. 

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • It is sturdy and fits well even on shallow desks
  • You can install it in two ways - C-clamp or grommet mount
  • Perfect balance of features and cost


  • Only supports 14.3 lbs on each arm
  • Uses plastic in place of steel for design
  • Cable management can be a bit messy

5. MonMount Dual ​ — Best Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand (24-inches)

5 MonMount Dual

MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand is as easy on the wallet as you can imagine, so you won’t be paying the earth for this as you would for AmazonBasics Premium. Moreover, even at a lower pricing point, MonMount still hits the jackpot for its host of features, including 360-degree rotation, landscape and portrait mode support, and lightweight design.

MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand was designed to support only 24-inch monitors. So in addition to making sure your monitors are VESA compliant, do not forget to factor in the size of the screen, too.

Although it does not support swirling and titling, the landscape and portrait mode support still gives it a plus. The support for 3560-degree rotation means you can adjust the viewing angle of your screen to a level that feels more comfortable for you.

Installation doesn’t take ages.  The three parts are easy to assemble, so it should take you less than half an hour to put this together. Thanks to the installation manual, you do not have to worry about putting these parts together. Just use the guide to follow along – gradually – until you finish connecting the parts.

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • Installation is a breeze
  • Easy on the wallet
  • The design is simple and elegant
  • It’s built to last


Swirling and tilting not supported

6. Vivo Dual Ultrawide — Best Ultrawide (Upto 38 inches)

6 Vivo Dual Ultrawide

Vivo Dual is the best dual monitor stand for ultrawide monitors out there.

It can support ultrawide monitors of sizes up to 38-inches with weights up to 17.6 lbs on each of its arms. It is VESA compatible with 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes on the arms.

It comes with features such as 45-degree tilts forwards and backward. It also has 360-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation along with manual height adjustment. With these features, the monitors can be mounted in portrait as well as landscape mode.

To mount the monitor stand on the table, you have clamp as well as a table grommet so you can use whatever you feel is suitable for your desk. To use the clamp, you have to make sure that your table has a thickness of up to 3.5-inches.

It also comes with cable management features but the wires cannot be routed through the stand’s arms, and the cables might be an annoyance to the user.

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • Strong build material
  • Ultrawide monitor support up to 38 inches
  • Tilt, swivel and rotation support
  • 10-year warranty


  • Average cable management
  • Manual height adjustment

7. LockTek — Sturdiest Build Quality (27-inches)

7 LockTek

The Loctek stand should be your choice if you want the sturdiest dual monitor stand.

It has aircraft grade aluminum for its arms which give it a pretty solid build quality. It can hold up to 11 lbs on each arm and a monitor size of up to 27-inches. It has plastic covers on the arms which might make it look like it is built out of plastic, but it is built out of solid material.

It comes with a clamp as well as a grommet mount which you can use to mount this stand in your table’s grommet hole. It lets you tilt your monitor up to 85-degrees backward and 15-degrees forward. You can also swivel your monitor with this stand up to 90-degrees to and fro which is excellent.

Unlike many other monitors stands out there, it lets you adjust the height without manually changing it with any Alan key. It has gas springs to control the movement so the monitors mounted on this stand can be moved pretty quickly.

Build Quality,
Design & Flexibility

Ease of Installation

Overall Rating


  • Built out of aircraft grade aluminum
  • Includes rubberized pads to protect the table
  • Tilt, swivel and rotation support
  • Great gas springs for better monitor movement


  • No warranty info provided by the manufacturer
  • Installation might be a little challenging

Before you spend your money on a monitor stand, ask yourself...

When Does it Make Sense to Buy a Monitor Arm? 

Here are four instances when it makes sense to buy a dual monitor stand.

  • Get one if you plan to work with multiple monitors for the long haul.
  • Invest in one if your desk is too small to accommodate two monitors and other office supplies. By mounting your monitors on the stand, you free up a bigger space to put other office essentials.
  • You need some flexibility to adjust the height and tilt the sreen.
  • If you are tall and the desk is short (or vice-versa)

Now that you're ready to jump on the bandwagon, here are a few factors you should consider when you're looking to buy a dual monitor stand.

How We Test: Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dual Monitor Stand

Our buying guide walks you through the major factors you should consider before buying one.

Alongside just listing them, we also use these factors to evaluate each product mentioned above. 

1. Make Sure Your Monitors are VESA Compliant

Video Electronic Standard Association is a mounting pattern used to determine whether you can mount and easily attach a monitor to a stand. 

VESA-compliant monitors follow an industry-standard mounting system. There will be a 75mm (about 3″) or 100mm (about 4″) square screw hole pattern on the back of your monitor. ​

Here are a few tips to help you determine if your monitor is VESA compliant.

  •  Hole pattern: Check if the back of your monitor has a 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm spacing as shown in the picture. If the holes are not clearly visible, remove the base from your monitor and check again. 
VESA Monitor mounting plate adaptor
  • The VESA Adapter Plate: It acts as a bride between the monitor and the mount. It is usually 100mm x 200mm, 200mm x 200mm, or a 400mm x 400mm plate. 

If you're still unsure, either check your monitor’s user guide. Alternatively, you can run a quick search online for your monitor specs.

Expert Tip

If your monitors are not VESA compliant, you can buy a special VESA adapter.

It adds a bit of  inconvenience and additional expense, but can get the work done. 

2. Explore and Choose the Different Types of Monitor Stands

There are six types of dual monitor stands. Some are desk mounted, some are wall-mounted, and others are freestanding.

  • Freestanding: Freestanding monitor stands may not be the most common option for most people, but it’s a good choice if you are in the market for something that doesn’t require clamping or drilling.
  • Monitor Riser: Designed to tilt easily and take up less surface space, a monitor riser makes a perfect option for someone that has a small office desk with two monitors to work with.
  • Monitor Bases: These types of dual monitor stands can be mounted on the wall or fixed through a grommet. You can fasten them on the edge of your office desk if you do not want to mount them on the wall.
  • Multiple Bracket Stand: Unlike single stands, the multiple brackets can hold up two monitors and easily sustain the weight of both on the go.
  • Articulating Mounts: If you were in the market for a stand that supports unlimited positioning of the screen, an articulated mount would make a perfect stand for your workstation.
  • Monitor Arm: A monitor arm is not fixed to one position. It can bend, move and swing on the go.

3. Design, Flexibility, and Build Materials

The dual monitor stand should offer maximum flexibility so that you can move the stand in any direction.

Besides flexibility, the stand should be firm and durable. You should try to avoid plastic or alloy-based monitor stands. A dual-monitor stand that uses metal to mount the monitor is pretty sturdy. Even the latch that holds the stand to the table should be made out of a durable material like metal so that it doesn’t break when it is installed with the monitors.

It doesn’t make sense to spend your money on a piece of hardware that won’t support bigger screen sizes or the weight of your monitors. Make sure the stand can serve you for a very long time. You don’t want to start thinking about replacements a month after buying one.

4. Monitor Size and Weight Support

A good monitor stand should offer support for monitors of a wide size range. The good ones out there can easily support monitors up to 27-inches. Some other monitor stands like the AmazonBasics (Upto 34-inches) and Vivo Ultrawide (Upto 38-inches) can also support ultrawide monitors. With support for different monitor sizes, you will be able to use variable sized monitors together if you wish to do so.

It is essential that a monitor stand should be able to support the weight of the monitor. Many large-sized monitors out there can weigh up to 20-22 lbs which each of the arms should be able to support. However, to be able to support a monitor of this weight, it is critical that the stand should be built out of suitable raw materials.

Here's a quick glance of the total weight and the screen size that our favorite dual monitors stand support. 

Monitor Stand

Supported Screen Size

(Each Monitor)

Total Weight Supported

(Both Monitors Combined)


Up to 27-inches

40-50lbs (18-23 kgs)

​Vivo Dual Mount

Up to 29.9-inches

66lbs (30kgs)

​Wali Universal

Up to 27-inches 

44lbs (20kgs)

​NB North Bayou

Up to 32-inches 

28.6lbs (13kgs)

​MonMount Dual

Up to 24-inches 

44lbs (20kgs)

​Vivo Dual

Up to 38-inches 

35.2lbs (16kgs)


Up to 27-inches 

22lbs (10kgs)

5. Installation Difficulty

Some monitor stands use some custom latches for installation, thus making them a little challenging to install. A good monitor stand should come with a straightforward installation process that a user can spend half an hour on and do the specified steps and get done with it.


Most good stands come with a clamp as well as a grommet mount. You can mount it on a table’s side using a clamp or you can choose to use the grommet to mount it using a circular hole in your table.

If you don't like getting your hands dirty with the installation, look for the monitors on our list that are highly-rated in ease of installation. Most of them come partly assembled and easy-to-follow instructions. 

6. How Much does the Dual Monitor Stand Cost? 

The asking price varies from brand to brand. Whatever dual monitor stand you choose will not only depend on quality, but also on how much you are willing to pay. Adjustability, comfort, and ease of work shouldn’t be ignored when factoring in the price. Alongside the health benefits of monitor stands, you have cheaper options, which go for as low as $40 and pricier picks, which are well over $200.

The Bottom Line

For most people, the best dual monitor stands have not only productivity value but also health advantages. With a multiple display workstation, you can find lost spreadsheets with ease, share computer files on the fly, boost communication among teams, and complete assignments in the shortest time possible. 

As far as your health goes, a dual monitor stand can fix your back pain, eliminate back pains, and enable you to manage eyestrains. By adjusting the height, depth, and the angle of the monitor stand; you can position the monitors at a distance that’s comfortable for viewing.

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